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100% bad at art

So I forgot that it was Valentines Day this weekend. I know, the Red, Pink and White displays must have just surpassed my eyes as I ran towards the C9 running section in Target. Anyways, I got this from a friend and I thought I would just pass on some links to you guys.

It’s so cute! :) I have never worn this brand, but he forwarded me the email and said it reminded him of me. Maybe it’s all the pink I wear when I run?They have cute stuff too!

Check it out for yourself, a little pricey for my budget, but their stuff is cute and in such vibrant colors. If you wanted to splurge I would give it a shot there.

Last night I ended up running seven miles on the treadmill. That is the longest I’ve ever been on the dreadmill and I’m not going to lie, it sucks running on a treadmill. Oh well, it got done so I was happy. Today I’m going to do yoga tonight after work.

Also I have been receiving some questions about who designed my site. Well without the wonderful Sharnee from Acorn Glue, this was what it could have looked like.

I might be half decent with running, but I’m 100% bad at art!
Onto the Biggest Loser… Last night’s episode was meh for me. Nothing too exciting but I’m glad they are starting to only send one person home instead of the team. What was with the girls all just yelling and crying at the end. I couldn’t even understand what was going on. Have a great Wednesday. Tomorrow I’ve complied some great deals for everyone!
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