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Weekend Warrior

So this weekend was filled with Biggest Loser workouts and a 10 mile run which was great! I took a Gu before and I felt like that was really helpful. It was also nice to get in a good hard three miles. From mile six to mile nine, I really pushed myself and ran 8:03, 8:09 and 8:01. It was good to feel my body reacting well to the longer distance and still be able to push myself during that time. It was my last longer type run before the Surf City half this weekend. I’m really looking forward to the race this weekend and I am praying for no rain because that would literally put a damper on my race.

I also sanded down my desk this weekend, which involved me using an electric sander. I did it all by myself and it was interesting. I had to bust out the directions to see how the change the sandpaper. It was also kind of rewarding at the same time. I’m glad I finally got it done and now the next step is painting the desk. I think I will finally get it done by next weekend and then my room will feel much more complete. As for the rest of the room coming together, thanks for all the discount TV ideas, I’m still on the hunt.

Today I took the day off because my butt is SO sore from doing so many squats with the Biggest Loser Workout video this weekend. I didn’t know how my run was going to be yesterday since I was so sore but I think it really helped get out some of the soreness I was feeling. I’m still pretty sore this morning but hope to get in a combination of 10 miles this week before the race and then maybe one more shorter Biggest Loser workout video in as well.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with my goals for this weekend and how I hope to run this race. I know this race is going to have a crazy amount of people, but I’m excited for the race, whereas before I was starting to dread the fact that I had another 1/2 marathon coming up so quickly. After this race this weekend I’ll also begin my full marathon training plan which I’m excited about as well.


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