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The Big Move

Though I don’t have many pictures yet. I will soon! The boxes have been unpacked and everything is finding it’s place in my new home and I’m super excited. The most exciting thing about the place has to be the location though. I went out and ran two minutes and I found myself already on the beach path. There were tons of people out and about this weekend which made me feel very safe and it was encouraging to see all the people out running and walking and rollerblading and biking. It was even hot in my long sleeve shirt and shorts! It’s suppose to cool down again here though, and rain on Wednesday and Thursday.

Besides moving which was a pain, I got in a nice 6.5 miler, and hope to get in an 8 miler one day this week and then also a ten miler this weekend. Then I should be set for Surf City. I didn’t get a bloody sock this weekend, so that was good. I also did another biggest loser workout and wasn’t quite as sore and I feel like my weights are going really well. Tonight I’m going to the gym to do some more weights and then over to my cousins to watch and mock the bachelor. Another great perk about my place is that I found a glorious set of stairs right by my place, which is another great aspect of the running path! Hooray for great new trails to explore and a much more running friendly community.

Anyways, I’ll leave you with some pictures of the path right by my house.

There’s even a pedestrian lane and bike lanes. Perfect for me not to get run over.
Some big apartments by downtown long beach that I run past
This was seriously the weather on Saturday! Gorgeous!
I’ll post some pictures I take soon on a run. So glad everyone had a great weekend in AZ, and I can’t wait for Surf City. I’m going to make a decision by friday on the San Diego Marathon.
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