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Searching for Chic Runner

So I’ve seen a few people put up their Google Analytics and their search words and let me tell you, I get a weird group of words that sends people to my page too. They are pretty funny so here’s a few to get you laughing.

1. Freshly prepared with a whole banana, bittersweet cocoa. I have no idea what you are searching for, I hope not me freshly prepared with whole banana and bittersweet cocoa?

2. Hot chic running on the beach. This is the most legit search word, but has only been used once. I think they meant to search for hot CHICK. Sad.

3. If its going to be 79 degrees tomorrow, is it to hot to wear a sweater? Wow. I don’t know how you even got to my site, but this is a dumb question.

4. My work is running the biggest loser how do I win?? No shocker here! You workout!

5. Nips. Steve probably google this and came across my site.

6. “runners world” and “red velvet cupcakes” I assume they are looking for some type of low-fat cupcakes. Doesn’t exist people!

7. Race pee. I assume they wanted to know how to pee during a race? That’s what the porta-potties on the side of the race are for… and if you don’t use them, that’s just dirty. Also I’ve gotten this search at least four times. Makes it a little bit weirder.

8. Bloody sock t shirt. Oh the bloody sock… but why would you want that on a t-shirt?

9. Christmas nips. Steve! Again!

10. Jillian’s tenny shoes from the biggest loser. This one got me, Tenny? It’s tennis shoes. Wow.

On another note, last night’s biggest loser was pretty good, but I was sad to see Dan go, even if Dave totally let it happen by not caring about the ranch. Dan looks so much better now though and I’m happy to see he’s realized that it’s a lifestyle change. As for the race this weekend still feeling strong and I’ve decided to cut out all fast food in my diet this week. It’s only Wednesday and it’s killing me!

Also this weekend I’ll be bib number 9107. Racing Surf City this weekend? Confirm and get your bib number

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