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Problem with the Police

So I told you all I would tell you about the problem I had with the police while running. You can tell me if it’s creepy or not.

I normally take the same route when running a 3-5 miler by my house. It’s all on surface streets and it’s a giant square if I’m running the 5 miles, and if I’m running the three miles, then I cut through the park. Christmas Eve was out for a five miler and saw a police car right when I came out of my neighborhood. My town is small so the police don’t have too much to patrol, but still I thought it was odd that he was right outside my street. So I take off, and I see him driving towards me once I turn the corner. Then I see him again over by the high school, but give him the benefit of the doubt that he’s patrolling the school.

I’ve now seen him three times in a matter of roughly 10 minutes. I think this is starting to be odd. I go for a while pondering what a police officer is doing at 7:30 am, that I’ve seen him this often. I turn another corner and there he is again. Now I’m counting the times I’ve seen him in my head and realize I’ve seen him four times, and that I’m running in a different city than I live in. He’s outside his patrol area! I realize it’s creepy and turn the straight away home. About half a mile away from my house I see a black and white car waiting at the stoplight that I will have to cross. HIM AGAIN!? What is the world coming too. He turned left before I ever got to the light, but still when I got home, I wondered why he was creeping around so much, and seemed to be on every route I took. Odd but I let it go and forgot about it by end of the day.

(the map below shows the locations I spotted him at along my route, hence the disguise is where I saw him and the red path was the path I was running)


New Years Eve rolls around. I’m back from Mr. R’s house and decide to hit the streets for a five miler, same path. Well I start off and as soon as I cross the street there’s a cop driving toward me. I immediately remember my encounter the week before. I see him almost twice in five minutes. Then I go about two miles and forget he was even creeping, until I see him again about half way through. Driving towards me AGAIN. Then I turn two corners, and he drives past me, and then, this is SUPER creepy, but does a really slow u-turn, and I feel like he’s going to ask me a question he pulls so close to the sidewalk. The entire time I’m completely aware of what is going on, but also ignoring him and all these weird moves he’s making. So I am about 800 meters away from my house and I see him pulled up at a light I’m running toward. He turns left, and I assume he’s gone for good and I can finish my run in peace. What I didn’t know was that after making a left he turned into the parking lot of the 7-11 and then was pulling out right as I ran past the driveway, almost hitting me. Yes, the COP wasn’t paying attention and almost ran me over. Great. (the 7-11 is where the little bottle is on the map)


If this isn’t creepy I don’t know what is. What happened to protect and serve, not freak the community out. I’m just trying to get some exercise in! Sheesh people! Hope you don’t have cops stalking you!


PS. All you cold weather runners. I have a friend @ Wearing Mascara who is looking for a guest blogger to talk about running in the cold. I am not running in cold weather. To me it’s cold, to the rest of the world it’s not. If you’d like to help out please shoot me an email at Thanks!

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