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Pictures from the last race Friday

Since Nike Mom has photo Friday, and I just got back my worst race pictures ever, I thought today would be a great day of sharing them. Wow, I don’t know if they could possible find more hideous pictures during the race… but here they are!

I’m pretty sure I’m hating my life right here.
I totally remember when this was taken. I thought the finish line would never come.
This, this is just tooooo funny! When I was running I took off my long sleeve for a while while I waited to see Billy again so that he could take it for me. Little did I know that I would have to wait a while to see him because I was on the back weird part of the race. The shirt was tied around my waist but it kept slipping off. This was my BRAND NEW pink shirt from Mr. R that he gave me for Valentines day. I was not losing it. I decided to tie it around my neck like a preppy sweater. Then, they caught a picture of me, side angle?! I looked through all the other race pictures and NO ONE has a picture like this, but myself. Strange. Thanks to whoever captured this Super girl moment.
Ahhh! My Grandpa and Grandma at dinner last night celebrating their birthdays with Baklava! :) We went to this great place, Open Sesame, and I’m not one to like weird foods, but this place was DELICIOUS! :) Chicken Tawook is my new favorite thing, and I love their Lebanese pickles! If you are ever in the area, try it out.
For this weekend I have a 10 miler to go and then next weekend is the Surf City 1/2. That crept up on me quickly! Today is my adoption day, which is a day where we celebrate with our family. I was adopted 22 years ago on this day! It’s a fun day to remember and used to be a big deal. When I was little I used to get school off and we’d go do something fun as a family. It’s become more of a dinner thing now and I always really enjoyed it. Seemingly enough, people are too busy to celebrate and it’s disappointing. It’s odd how the people that mean the most to you can hurt you the most as well. Enough about that drama. Tonight Mr. R is going to come to my new home and we are going to hang out, which I’m excited for I usually only see him on one day during the week, mostly for Biggest Loser and then we spend the weekends together. Oh the adult working life.
Good luck to all you racers this weekend. I feel like EVERYONE is running Surf City and I’m excited to meet up with more of you. We’ll go over goals and what I *hope* to finish with next week, but if the weather is like what it is today, I’m going to DIE. Running + Rain = Not good.
Have a great weekend! Finally Friday!
PS. Here’s a link to the pink Ipod holder I have on my arm Find it @ Best Buy. I love it and it works SO well! :) Here is also the link to headphones I have on too. I used to run with the ipod headphones but had a problem with them falling out a lot. These ones look a little intimidating, but they are GREAT and stay in well and are actually much louder than the apple headphones. Find them @ Target. They are only $10, and work so great. They come in a bunch of colors too.
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