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Goals for this weekend are somewhat scattered as they were for my last half, but I also feel that having different levels of goals for each race is very important because honestly, if you set yourself up to succeed you will, but you have to give yourself the chance.

The first time I ran a half marathon I remember my only goal was to complete it. Now I know I can increase the goal with time and mile splits. I know that it’s super helpful once you sign up for a race to have the goal of completion. Whether that would be run/walk the whole thing, running the race, or just finishing the race. Once you have a goal and you set your mind to achieving that goal it’s so much easier to start running and complete workouts. You can start our with a goal of a 5k, or a 10k and just make sure you set attainable goals for yourself. You can even make fun goals, and then during the race think of your goals.

My last half one of my goals was to practice drinking more water on the course. Running and drinking water at the same time is a pretty hard task, but after trying different ways to grab the cup and drink it quickly and efficiently during the last race I feel that I can say I’ve definitely improved in that area. Its much harder than you think maneuvering through those cup throwing runners. Don’t believe me, take a peek at the pictures below. Look at all those cups. Now imagine them being hurled at you from people in front of you. Not good. The last picture you can even see the cup flying through the air. Too out of control for me.


Anyways as for this weekend, I’m feeling really good about the race thus far. I am starting to get a little nervous which I know is necessary and I actually feel ready to race. I know there are going to be a ton of people there, this may even be the biggest half marathon I’ve done thus far, so I know the first few miles might be a lot of dodging and weaving, which is annoying but at races, it happens.

My A Goal is : Finish time from 1:40-1:45
My B Goal is : Finish time from 1:45-1:50
My C Goal is : Work on racing more than just running
My D Goal is : Focus on finishing the race, pushing myself and the mile splits.

So in more depth, my A goal is to finish and PR by about 2 minutes. I think if I can finish in 1:45 I will be incredibly happy considering the mass of people that will be at this race and that it will be a new PR. I know I can do it, but I also know I’m going to have to push myself when I’m not feeling amazing.

My B goal is to finish roughly around my 1:48:xx PR that I have now, and I am pretty sure that this is pretty feasible. I wasn’t feeling amazing, and literally wanted to quit my last race when I ran this PR so to run that again would be somewhat disappointing.

My C Goal is to work on racing more than just running. This might sound weird but sometimes when I’m running I totally zone out and become a little space cadet. I know this cannot happen this weekend if I’m going to mentally be in the race the entire time. I need to focus on racing and keeping up with everyone and not be discouraged or let myself be hurting. I know running is an intense mental sport. Not everyone can continue to keep pushing themselves forward, it takes a lot of willpower to keep going and I know if I focus the whole race, I will succeed. So if you see me just tell me to stay focused! :)

My D Goal is also to work on my focus during the race but to focus on the splits and how I can improve my time and stay on the pace I’m currently running. I don’t want to let myself start hurting and then just slow down like I did at the last half I ran. I know if I stay on pace I am destined for good things, I just have to will myself to do that and keep pushing myself. I used to push myself during my races back in high school, but that was a lot different than today, it was only 3 miles, and I was averaging a 6:30 mile… yea not going to happen anymore. I know I can push myself to run hard throughout the whole race though and I can push myself harder than I have in the past races where I was just running for fun, or to complete a race.

Overall though, I do want to have fun in this race, it’s a beautiful course and the weather should be amazing which is always helpful. I have been looking forward to this race and it’s a part of the California Dreamin‘ Series that I’m working on completing so I know it will be exciting. I’m thinking of making a shirt that says MY FAMILY IS LAME, SO PLEASE YELL GO DANICA. I saw a picture of it on some one’s blog and I wish I remember who because it’s hilarious, if it’s you let me know!! So we’ll see, planning the outfit is my next big task.

As for a workout today, just going to do some painting of my desk tonight and then a biggest loser workout video, but not the one with all the squats, I don’t want to be killing myself before my race!


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