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Hello Kitty Toast

I love photo Fridays and today I had some planned photos to share with you until I had my Hello Kitty Toast this morning.

My roommate brought this great offering to the place when we moved in. It’s the Hello Kitty Toaster. I thought for sure this thing was going to be awesome. It’s suppose to make Hello Kitty pictures on your toast, like the one below.

I waited and waited to get my toast to pop up for breakfast this morning. I was excited to see the picture on my cinnamon raisin toast. This is what popped up.
Wow, talk about disappointing. Those are just two white blobs, nothing even resembling her cute bow or whiskers or eyes or anything. Hello Kitty, you’ve let me down. I almost thought it was too good to be true and now we know it is. Sadly, I will just have white blobs on my toast now.
Thanks for all the good luck wishes for this weekend. I’m starting to get nervous but I know it’s a good nervous. I just am going to put in a nice easy 4-6 miler tomorrow to get loosened up in the morning and then finish cleaning and painting my desk, which I will also have pictures of next week. Gosh, next week is going to be exciting for all you guys with my giveaway, race report, and pictures of my desk!
Good luck to all those racing this weekend, even if your not racing at Surf City! I’m excited to meet/see many of you at the race though so look for me! The weather should be perfect as long as the Santa Ana’s don’t kick up and it is going to be a great day for running. Tonight I’m going to finish making my shirt and painting and am looking forward to leisurely hanging out alone. :)
Have a great weekend!
And the final review of the Hello Kitty Toaster = Hell No!
PS One of my best co-workers EVER sent me this link Did Google Kill This Deer? WHAT?!
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