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Dogs pee on floors?

So on Monday, I decided to sign up for the half that came up a little too quickly. It’s tomorrow already. I am getting nervous and excited all at the same time. I am also very excited to meet up with some blogging friends, including Glenn, Burger (who has an amazing new video out, which I can’t wait to see!) Sara, and maybe even meet some new friends!

So the dilemma of what to wear for this race is upon me. I was planning on wearing shorts and a long sleeve, but the weather report is predicting warm weather. I know the race is at 8 am though so it won’t be too warm. I could wear my new running skirt, but I’m somewhat cautious because I’ve never worn it before. Then I don’t know what shirt to wear because it’s suppose to be 75 degrees but somewhat windy, so I don’t want to be too cold, yet I don’t want to be too hot. Gosh! There are so many choices! I guess it will be a great day for a run though, and I’m excited and I know the route well, since I run around there all the time.

I am thankful for all the comments I’ve gotten regarding the bleeding toes. Though I’m pretty sure it’s not the toenail because it’s too far down on my toe, I clipped my claws last night so that if that was the case it would be taken care of. I’m also going to stop by the running store tonight and see if I can get a toe cap for the race tomorrow. I will take pictures of those for sure. If not, I’ll just put a little tape on it and deal with it, hopefully my shoes won’t get any more bloody.

Last night I went to the gym and ran a mile and surprisingly walked a mile on the dreadmill. My cousin was there so while she ran I walked and talked with her. Then I did some weights, crunches and push ups and stretched really well. Whatever this race may bring me, here’s a some loose goals.

A: Finish in between 1:50-2:10, but I won’t be shocked or super disappointed if it’s slower than that. It’s a big time span, but I hope to be able to work hard at least in the first few miles to keep a consistent pace.

B: Working on getting out to a good start and being consistent.

C: Working on drinking and staying hydrated during the race and after the race. This includes my shotblox and the cup fiasco that seems to happen during races.

D: Staying relaxed and just racing the race. Continuing to pick people off.

It sounds really competitive and mean of me to pick people off during the race, but I work so hard during the race just to catch the next person. When I pass them I think to myself ha ha sucker! That is so awful and I’m a horrible person. I know. At least the race report will be good on Monday, or at least funny, so stay tuned.

In deal news, Puma is having a sale at the Ruelala boutique. They have tons of cute stuff but it’s invitation only, so email me at, if you would like to be invited. It’s super cute stuff with really great prices too. Including bags and shoes. It’s more of the ‘foo-foo’ puma stuff though.

And of course, photo Friday is back and I’m starting off big with a few pictures below! They are a little old, but oh well!


For Christmas I seriously got my favorite mac and cheese. Wow, and I love it.


Mr. R and I were doing a little after Christmas Shopping in Newport Beach, CA at Fashion Island. We are walking through Urban Outfitters and I see this adorable dog, I decide to sneak a picture, BUT, I take the picture as the dog is PEEING ON THE FLOOR. Yes, in the middle of the store. The owner didn’t even notice and left, and I was so in shock that I stood there and waited until someone stepped in it and then I walked away laughing. Wow, I am truly a horrible person. (P.S. those shoes in front of the dog are the ugliest shoes EVER. Wow, who would buy those)


This was Christmas morning before opening our stockings. My baby Cassie loves the fire and her merry red sweater. :)

Good luck to all those ringing in the new year with a race this weekend!



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