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A Bloody Sock

So last night my park run was just wonderful minus two things, but I’ll get to those after I talk about how much I love running at this park. I wore my long leggings from Target, which I love and my new Nike long sleeve shirt that I got from Mr. R’s mom. I have found that running in appropriate clothes makes running in the cold a little more bearable. Anyways, the run was going great, I was cruising and I just love running there. It seriously seems like I was only running for ten minutes and I was done.

So onto the bad. I’m pretty sure my Nike+ is dead. AGAIN. It said, activity stopped, which has happened before, and I know there is no reviving the +, so tonight I’m going to give it one more try at the gym and hopefully it springs back to life somehow, or else it’s yet ANOTHER Nike+ for me. I would be angry if I didn’t have it for the race this weekend, so I’ll have to pick one up ASAP. Anyways, I put in 5 miles, but the Nike+ died at, yup, you heard me 4.91 miles. Seriously little plus. Seriously!? You couldn’t hang on for another .08 miles? Oh well, tonight I am hoping for a revival.

Then, I sometimes get bloody socks because I get little cuts in between my toes when I run. This is incredibly weird, I know, and for some reason, I knew I was going to have a bloody sock yesterday after I ran. I get back to Mr. R’s, and after dinner I was getting ready to get in the shower and I take off my shoe. I realize it is the WORST bloody sock EVER! Mr. R said,” you are a freak” and then I look down at my shoe. I BLED THROUGH MY BRAND NEW SHOES! This has NEVER happened to me before, and of course, the second run I run in them, there is blood on them now. Great, thanks a lot. So I took a picture. I am so sad.

Mr. R said I should run with a toe cap. I asked him what it was. He said it was like a condom for your toe. What in the heck. Does anyone else run/use/know of these? I may have to invest before Saturday. I am actually feeling really good about Saturday though. Last night I hammered out the miles so fast and I felt really good about running so I think even though it’s longer than a training run I’ve done recently, I’ll be fine.
Other than the sock and the + problems the run was great, and Mr. R surprised me with a super cute long sleeve pink Nike Shirt last night! It was so unlike him and I LOVE the shirt. I am thinking I am going to wear it with my running skirt this weekend for my race. It has a mesh back and he said it was for Valentines Day but he hates Valentines Day so therefore he gave it to me now. Whatever works.
So tonight I’ll be doing some weights at the gym and I’m going to try to get in some stair master and maybe a little bit of elliptical. It all depends on how many freaks, I mean people are at the gym.

**Update! So yes, I’ve seen all your concern for my toes. I’ve been wearing the same socks since high school, so I don’t think that’s neccesarily the problem. I also have had bloody toes since as long as I can remember and it’s not from a blisters just weird little cuts that I get. I sometimes get them on a 2 mile run, and not on a 13 mile run and vice versa. Wierd, I know! I’ve gotten my shoes professionally fitted, and asked people about this and they have said put on a bandaid, (which isn’t happening) or put on some second skin, which is what I’m going to try tonight at the gym. Any other good tips? I’m all ears!**


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