You want what on your shirt?

Can you believe we only have a few more days of gifts? I know it’s pretty crazy! :) Whatever will I post about after the gifts are all given away?

This weekend was a great weekend for a run and I got in a 6.5 miler and it really felt great. Well let me rephrase that one. The first mile and a half felt like CRAP. My shoes are so shot and my feet just felt so flat. I need to get new ones ASAP, but I just keep putting it off. The first mile I felt like I was only wearing socks, and my whole body ached. I thought my entire run was going to feel like that, and thought about buying new shoes the whole way. I still have yet to get them, I’m going to go this week for sure, hopefully tonight or sometime tomorrow night. Once I hit two miles though I was on cruise control and just knocked the rest of the miles off. Other than the shoe issue, it was a great run, and I felt really, really good and somehow pulled out a 6:45 last mile, which I don’t know where that came from. I even ran in shorts and a short-sleeved shirt, and got almost a little bit to warm! Sorry all you snowbirds! Alas, I was planning a nice long run the afternoon of Christmas eve if I get off work early enough down at the beach, and now in CA we are projected for rain all through Thursday. I do not run in the rain so I’ll be putting in a few miles at the gym for the rest of the week.

Also, as for running my 500 miles this year, I am at 493 now! I am really excited because I get a certificate from Nike+ once I hit 500. Hooray! Those 6.5 miles really helped me out, and I’m feeling a bit more confident about the 1/2 coming up. I was starting to get nervous so we’ll have to talk about goals for that, and the four weeks of hardcore training I’ll be doing in January. Pray for no more rain, because putting in more than three miles on the treadmill is awful for me.

So the gift of the day? Well, A runner makes a statement with every shirt worn. Many drivers can see what your shirt says, and I’ve been caught reading other gym-goers shirts often as well. Maybe it’s just me though. :) Especially at races, shirts can have important meanings and even become inspirational tools. Anyways, the gift of the day today is a custom running shirt from Running Banana.

You can pick out the type of shirt you want from a singlet to a long sleeve or short sleeve. You can pick from a variety of sizes and then can upload whatever picture you want, along with your own special text. This would be great if you planned on running any given race for a specific person. They also work great for teams as well.

You can be creative and inspirational just by wearing a shirt by Running Banana. They also have pre-made options that you can choose as well if you aren’t very creative that include marathon graphics, girl power graphics, animal graphics and in your face graphics. Their shirts range from $31-$37 dollars. Check out Running Banana to get your runner a special shirt for Christmas or for their next race!

Here are some creations in their gallery.



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17 Responses to You want what on your shirt?

  1. Pink Pearls & Muddy Sneakers says:

    1. This is a WONDERFUL gift idea! I am so excited! And Handsome & I will not be together for Christmas, so by the time this is delivered, it will be perfect… yay!
    2. I need new shoes too – i will shell out for them AFTER Christmas, haha!

  2. Denise says:

    Whoa! Great pace on that last mile! You’ll definitely hit the 500mile mark, good job!

  3. X-Country2 says:

    Sound like a great run! You’re going to smoke that half next year.

  4. Kelly says:

    Shorts and a t-shirt? I am SOOO jealous… we have a windchill of -20 today!

  5. *aron* says:

    great job on the run!!! it was definitely NOT shorts weather up here – i was very bundled up on my run :)

  6. With Love from New Orleans says:

    Yay for almost getting to 500! I love that shirt by the way.. what kind of running shoes to you prefer? How do asics compare.. I usually buy those but should I be trying another brand out I wonder?

  7. Burger says:

    a) the first mile of almost every run is always the toughest

    b) 6:45 mile?? Dang.

    c) great gift idea!

  8. D10 says:

    Nice job on the run. Sweet last mile too. You are going to have a great half.

  9. Stuart says:

    I have new shoe psyhicing me out from my closet for the new year!

  10. Brown Eyed Girl says:

    What a cute gift idea! And YAY for you that you’ve almost reached your 500 mile goal!! That’s awesome. I think I might have to come up with something like that this next year. Maybe 250 miles???? HA

  11. Marlene says:

    You’re so close to your 500 goal – you’re gonna kill it!

    But get yourself some new shoes, girl.

  12. joyRuN says:

    Shorts & short-sleeve – sounds like HEAVEN.

    500 right around the corner!!

  13. Frayed Laces says:

    cool idea! thanks chicka!

  14. ~Mrs. Guru~ says:

    Love it! I left you an award on my blog!

  15. Laurel says:

    I almost made a shirt with them last year for a friend of mine. I just might have to make my own race shirt next time.

    Great job on the run! Look at that speedy finish!

  16. HangryPants says:

    I am with you on needing new sneakers. I am getting them for Christmas and cannot wait! Cute shirts!

  17. Sasha says:

    500! That’s awesome! I’m thinking of running a half in April.

    Merry Christmas!

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