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The Stick…

So lately I’ve been having lots of drama in my life and haven’t been keeping up with my running. I have no motivation to do anything really. It’s sad but true, but I also am hoping to get in a 7 to 8 miler this weekend, which will be a nice change of pace and get me right back on track for my 1/2 in February. Enough with that nonsense! Onto the gift of the day!

Today is such a pivotal gift and EVERY runner should own one, including myself, but alas, this is actually on my Christmas list as well. I have used one when I was running in high school and though painful, it works serious miracles.


Here’s a rundown of “The Stick”… The Marathon Stick was specifically designed for long distance runners, or any runner for that matter, that would like to get any of the following benefits:
Increased flexibility
Extended endurance
Accelerated recovery time
Reduced muscle soreness, stiffness & pain
Prepares your muscle for rigors of activity
Flushes muscle from rigors of activity.

It’s small enough to be taken everywhere, even on trips or running vacations.

You can get your very own “The Stick” here at for 29.99. Visit the official “The Stick” website HERE and choose your own stick.

You can even look super happy like him when using “The Stick”

Good luck to anyone racing this weekend! There arn’t many races left in the ’08 calendar year so make each race count. I am thinking about some running goals for 2009 and I’ll share those with you soon.
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