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Simply Charming

So today’s gift idea is the idea of a running charm bracelet. Personally, I would make a charm into a necklace, but there are a lot of choose from and if charm bracelets are your thing, I have links to many running charms! First off Wyvern Running has a huge selection of charms to choose from, including the three below.

They are pretty inexpensive and sentimental as well. Even put on a necklace they would be cute as well. Also Two Roads Fitness has a section of just running jewelery that include some already made necklaces at great prices as well. Wearing a necklace that reminds you daily what your goal is, or what you’ve accomplished is a great way to remember your hard work and training. Also by giving this gift to a runner, it shows that you recognize their accomplishments.
Here are some more charming links :
Finish line charms – Really cute and really different looking charms. Key chains, necklaces and even ornaments!
Zulumoon – Running Charms – Really cute shoes charms
My Triathlon Jewelry – Really cute pendants and a super cute I heart running key chain seen below
Glad you all seem to be enjoying the list thus far. Don’t worry I have many more random and great tricks up my sleeve. Tonight I’m going for a little jog to keep loose for the race this weekend… Gotta keep the mileage up even in the dark!
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