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Safety First!

So I have gotten lazy, the holiday cheer has seem to have gotten me in a fog and I had forgotten how much I love running. So before we get to today’s lovely gift I will tell you about a glorious excursion. Last night I decided instead of the tedious half hour on the dreadmill while I huffed and puffed at the hot gym getting dirty looks signifying that I had used a machine for more than the allotted 20 minutes, I would hit up the park by Mr. R’s house, (it’s biggest loser night and we always watch it together) while he was still slaving away with his football team at work. Some nights they like to keep the football players late into the night running who knows what into their heads. This keeps Mr. R at work till 9 pm. Boo-hoo, I know, but alas, I find it works perfectly to fit in my run and then I hope and pray he brings me dinner and golden spoon! (Another sad admission, we have a ritual of eating golden spoon frozen yogurt while watching the biggest loser. We are jerks, I know)

So I know of this park by his house, it’s a lovely park and I knew it was well lit at night. I’m not a big loop runner, but figured, hey, I’ll put in three miles and see how we do. Now after tonight, I am obsessed with the park. I love it. It’s so nice, super bright, and oh I found the look-a-likes for the Abercrombie and Fitch model soccer teams playing each other there. I swear, there are like a hundred good-looking boys (I wasn’t looking too hard, but they were everywhere, oh! and maybe five girls) playing soccer while I ran the square path around them. It was the most bizarre thing EVER, and I’m sure they’re all the yuppies from Shady Canyon, but still! Entertaining and I must admit, before I knew it I was five miles down! What! I was only going to run three! It was overall a great run, minus my thinking, “I’m going to freeze to death so I’m going to wear my fleece,” and then after two laps, “I’m literally going to overheat and die right now,” issue. I felt so safe, the path was even kind of hilly, and this girl loves hills. It’s not surrounded by houses and the grass next to the path is cut so well, nice and short, so you don’t get lost in it, and it nice to run on too. It’s those runs that I get the feeling like OHMYGOSHILOVEYOURUNNING! I just kept going around and around and around. Next Tuesday we all know I’ll be creeping squares around the park again.

PRESENTS! PRESENTS! Anyways, we all know the saying, “Better Safe than Sorry!” and I practiced my good judgement by running in the well-lit park last night, but these Christmas gifts for the runner in your life, (or you) are all about being safe while on the roads. Hey, we’re all about safety here! We all know the dangers of running at night, out in the woods, and even during the day something unexpected can happen to us, no matter what we are doing. I’m not going to lie, I laughed a lot while writing most of this post, (what are these pictures?! and who knew this stuff was illegal in some states?!) and it does seem a little extreme, but none the less, smart ideas that everyone should partake in.

The first gift is the Road ID. They have two different kinds of Road IDs, which include the Original and the Interactive.

Road ID Original is the “original” or “first” version of Road ID that was offered. This classic ID allows you to personalize up to 7 lines of laser-engraved text. (seen below)


Road ID Interactive allows you to build a fully updatable, secure Emergency Response Profile (ERP) that is available to first responders via telephone and Internet. You can also personalize the first 2 lines of text. (seen below)


They also have Shoe IDs, Necklace IDs (Fixx ID), and Shoe Pouches with the ID inside and replacement ID bracelets. They are pretty inexpensive, and life is priceless. They include all the information that a first responder would need. Being honest, if something happened to me right now out on a run, no one would have any idea who to contact or who I was, but they would get a pretty sweet iPod play list out of the deal. Anyways, that’s not safe! They have other cool safety products on their site too. You can find it HERE, If you order by December 12, you get 10% off, by entering Code PC12128.

What’s a Christmas post without a little pepper? A little pepper spray I mean! (ha ha ha ha ha, I can’t stop myself) Being safe also means harming others! Just kidding, but I’ve found a few different kinds of spray that you can run with and feel safe. Just don’t go spraying anyone and everyone, pepper spray isn’t a joke.

First we have the Jogger’s Pepper Spray. Convenient and effective, Jogger Pepper Spray delivers protection, with easy one-hand operation. It’s the hottest formula allowed by law, to disable (and dye-mark for ID) any lowlife attacker. 3 1/8″ canister, just 13 grams., with 1″ adjustable, secure elastic / VELCRO® brand strap to attach to your wrist. This one is $9.97 and can be found Here!


There might be some Chic runners who like to walk/jog with weights, or are looking to get some light weights to train with. These Jogging Weights are extremely functional. Hidden inside these hand held weights are half ounce canisters of pepper spray, one in each weight. The canisters are removable and can be replaced. Each weight has reflective writing for greater visibility in low light situations. Weighing 3oz each, these will add to your workout and your safety. They are $18.48 and can be found Here!


Cabella’s also has an option for joggers. This pepper spray self-defense device fits comfortably in your hand with a stretch band to hold it in place while you run. It can also be worn on a belt. It’s one of the most versatile self-defense units on the market. Fog spray pattern. 1.9 oz. It’s $14.99 and can be purchased Here!


I also found this and had to post it just because it was too great. If you live in a rough neighborhood and are running for your life this is for you!


That’s right, A STUN GUN. The things you find online. That’s right, if you feel like you are surely going to be attacked, The Stun Master is for you. All Stun Master models have safety switches and wrist straps. Stun Masters shown above use two 9-volt Energizer Eveready Alkaline batteries and The Stun Master has a Lifetime Warranty. Wow. If you feel the need, it’s $35.00 and can be found here!

What more could you ask for people? I give you stun guns here on Chic Runner. :) Have a wonderful day, tomorrow will be more of an organization gift for runners.


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