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Recap. Recap. Recap.

Sorry I’ve been so absent, catching up with all you guys has been fun though! I was busy racing around from here to there and now am just having time to breath. It’s nice to be home. Anyways, here’s a mess of pictures that show my holiday festivus for the rest of us. Plus, I love it when everyone else posts pictures so I thought I would post some too!


This next one is of my brother, and two cousins who also are my best friends. This was on Christmas Day dinner at my grandma and grandpa’s house. Yummmmmmmy!
This is one of my brother’s girlfriend and I. We were wearing the same shirts and playing by the fire and my brother said he couldn’t tell us apart from the back. Weird.
For Christmas I got some great running gear and some new trail running shoes for myself. Can’t wait to try them out! I also got a 500 cupcake recipe book, some dinero for a new camera, every GU flavor imaginable, and about six movies which I can’t wait to watch. Tomorrow I’m doing a few returns and hopefully getting in an 8-10 mile run. I already reached my 500 mile mark for the year so I’m really glad and thankful that this year has not only allowed me such a great and supportive running community but also the desire and drive to run competitively again! Happy New Year to everyone! If you haven’t yet, check out Kayne West’s new song, Heartless. I love it, and it’s great to run too!
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