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Penguin What?

So I’m super excited about today’s gift. Not only did I and all the other loungers at Runner’s Lounge get some samples of Penguin Sport Wash, but you can too if you sign in over there and leave a comment in this forum. That is why today the gift of the day is for Penguin Sport Wash!


So we all workout, workout means *hopefully* getting a sweat going, but then unfortunately it means being smelly. Though we might not notice our own stench, people around us can definitely smell us, and that is why we should all give Penguin Sports was a try! Hey, running for any distance can make you stinky, lets be honest here!

According to’s reviews everyone has given it at least four or five stars, and the reviews are all raving how it got the stench out and did it’s job. They also have said that it’s gotten the ‘kitchen’ smell out of clothes after working at a restaurant as well. You can read the reviews for yourself here.

On, the “Pros” I have seen are that is cleans the smell out of expensive, high-tech, clothing perfectly, and saves the clothes as well. While the only “Cons” I’ve seen are that it’s hard to find and many wish it would come in bigger bottles.

So where do you find Penguin Sports wash? Of course here are the links for you with the best prices I could find:

Zombie Runner has One small packet of Penguin Wash for .95

REI has Six pack of one use Penguin Wash for $6.00 has 20oz Penguin Wash for $8.25

Joe’s Sports has a 2 pack of 20oz Penguin Wash for $19.99

So scrub with with Penguin Wash, and watch my blog for when I get my own and am able to post an in depth review! Can’t wait to be clean!


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