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And not the chocolate kind! So today the gift of the day is NIP GUARDS! These are mostly for my guy running buddies, but still, girls can get a good laugh in at some of these descriptions. I can for sure see that happening as I was writing this whole post I was laughing.

But hey, Guys love them, check out the reviews below and how much they profess their love for them.


“Nipple sensitivity almost ruined my runs, until someone told me about nipguards. These are great. Easy to use, comfortable, and best of all, no more sore nipples after a good run.”

“No more gauze and 12″ pieces of medical tape across my nipples! Tried out my Nip Guards for my first mini-marathon and couldn’t be more pleased. 13.1 miles of pain-free nipples. And almost invisible under my shirt. Kudos to the inventor(s)!”

“For men who have had pain/bleeding from nipple chafing from longer runs (>6+ miles)when wearing even the best of running sportswear. (I have not used compression shirts) I don’t leave home or go to a race without them now. Cost about the same as toe corn pads but are sized to fit and will stay on much better. Yes, they will last through a marathon. They prevent an injury which requires about a week to heal from.”

Guys have such passion about the strangest things, now don’t they! To the man wearing 12″ tape across your chest… Wow! has the best deal for a 10-pack of Nip Guards coming in at $8.95.

So guys like Steve, Greg, Borsch, and Stuart, this is a special gift just for you. Protect the Nips! ;)

And, now, girls you are free to laugh.

I got new shoes last night but I’m still very up in the air about them. They seem great but INCREDIBLY overpriced and I can’t decide in between a 6 and a 6.5 size. I am going to have to test them out around the house tonight so I know if I for sure love them. Anyways, hope everyone is gearing up for Christmas!


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