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Millions of Medals

The bike ride was wonderful and this week is so busy I’m already wondering how I’m going to fit in my runs. Since December started I’m officially back in 1/2 marathon training mode, which doesn’t really change anything too drastically besides lengthening my long run. This weekend the 5k seems a little scary now, but I know it will be fun because I’m running it with my newly running cousin. She ran the turkey trot like a champ and is slowly getting hooked. :)

As for the girl I coached, she placed 9th at State in Division 5! I am so proud of her and her coach now and I are good friends and he said her race was incredible and for once she put it all out on the line. Amazing!

Anyways, the gift ideas are going to keep coming. How about all those race medals that seem to start collecting after a while. Some may want to leave their medals in a shoebox, but displaying some of your runner’s proudest finishes is important. At Finger Lakes MedalCraft they have garnished up quite a way to display medals including personalized runner’s hanging medal racks.

There are also other designs available upon request. You can get the runner’s name personalized on the rack and also female and male runners, or female and male runners separately. I think it’s a great way to show off just a few medals of importance to anyone. If you are a little wary about showing them off, hanging them in the closet with this hanger is another great option. The hanger is Plasma cut steel w/ a black textured finish and personalized with any name, team, coach, whatever you want on it. They are priced at $29.95, and are one of the most inexpensive medal displays I have found online. They look durable and also can hold many medals.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Tomorrow more running gifts will be showcased.
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