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Crashin’ the Drive thru

So this morning, I was really craving one of my favorite foods, the McDonald’s Fruit and Yogurt Parfait. This delicious little treat is great to pick up on my way to work and I didn’t have enough time to eat breakfast. So I pull into the 5 car drive-thru line and patiently await my turn to inch towards the speaker. Once there, I notice the SUV in front of me ordered $15 worth of breakfast foods and I am shocked that someone can even spend $15 at McDonald’s. I then ordered my tasty treat and inched forward. I’m now stuck in the curbed area next to the playground about 3 cars from the payment window and 2 car from the pick up window.


The McDonald lovin‘ SUV wanted to pay so badly they crashed into the car in front of them. Literally just plowed into the little Toyota in front of them. Granted, I know it was an accident, but now I was stuck in the drive-thru lane, and I hadn’t even gotten my parfait yet. So I waited, thinking these wise people in the drive-thru line would continue moving forward and take their problems to the parking lot, thus allowing the rest of the McDonald’s drive-thru patrons to continue through the line, ordering, paying and getting their food.

Wrong again. Immediately the Toyota driver hops out in the middle of the drive-thru line and walks up to the SUV and demands them to also exit their car, in the middle of the drive-thru. She won’t get out. There’s yelling through windows. McDonald’s employees are coming outside. A cop rolls up. I just sit and wait. I just wanted a parfait! Seriously! I would have not gotten in the drive-thru lane if I knew this whole debacle was going to happen! Oh you golden arches, how you lure many in.

So besides the drama from McDonald’s, we have the lovely 26.2 gift!Tthe gift of the day today is all the warm weather wear from Tel-a-Runner. They have tons of super warm weather stuff which is exactly what I need lately! It’s been a chilly 40-50 degrees here which, I know, I know! Some of you have it so much worse, and I think you must need this WAY more than me! So check out their site. They also are having a 15% off holiday coupon, which you can find on their site, and you just have to press apply coupon for the discount. Here are some of my personal favorites.


Manzella Wind Stopper Cap
Ear flaps can be lowered for versatile ear protection. Gore windproof membrane blocks wind, by eliminating wind chill you can stay out longer. Pull closure allows for adjustable fit. It’s $ 24.99 and can be found here.


Asics ThermopolisDUOTECH foul weather gloves have a fabric base with denier gradient mesh lining that enhances moisture transfer and the DUOTECH design adds dry comfort. The Terry surface at outer thumbs helps wipe perspiration from your face. Boxed finger design provides excellent fit without causing circulation loss to your fingers. This helps in keeping your hands warm. They are $27.00 and can be found here.


The Brooks Vapor Dry Headband is another fave and I love the colors they have! The moisture transfer headband with a mesh band helps regulate temperature by moving moisture away from the head, keeping you dry and comfortable. It is $14.99 and can be found here.

Check out Tel A Run though for some great products and running gear!


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