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Body Movin’

So I didn’t understand the whole, “chafe” while you run thing up until I started to put in longer distances and now I know how horrible it is! I am a big fan of Body Glide and that is why it’s also on my 26.2 Christmas list!


They have many different types of Body Glide, and I always opt for the Original Anti-Chafe Balm. It works really well against friction and moisture and feels dry to the touch. They also have an Anti-Chafe with SPF 25 which is great in summertime for a long run.

They have a newer liquefied powder. It claims to be the same as body glide sticks because it is a cream base that keeps friction at bay.


I also like the Warm FX Anti-Pain Balm because it stays in one place and is applied easily in the “stick” form as well. It’s like a type of bengay.

You can find where to buy here, or here are some options:

Running Expo has the Anti-Chafing Stick for $4.95 (.45 oz) and $7.95 (1.3oz) they also have the Anti-Pain Stick here for the same prices as above.

Stop the chafe and keep on running!


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