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Blue is for Winners

So I mentioned yesterday that the 5k was great, and it really was. I didn’t know what to really expect because I hadn’t been training specifically for anything. Up until last week I wasn’t going to even be able to run in it because I thought I was going to be out of town. Last minute plans changed and I was able to race in it. I haven’t run a 5k since my senior year in high school, and I didn’t want to set my expectations too high to only get them crushed. It was a pretty small race (290 racers) through a park nearby my house.

So yesterday, I didn’t want to wake up. I was so tired and thought, gosh I’m going to have to RACE?! ARGH! Anyways, I got up, then had a dilemma of what I was going to wear. I couldn’t decide between a long sleeve, or a short sleeve. I finally showed up to my cousins house since we were carpooling over with her boyfriend’s sister, and played a little with “preshie” (who we had to change the name to patchy after we found out he was actually a boy like four weeks after I found him. You can read his story and how I found him on the side of the road during a run and my cousins adopted him here) Here’s a little picture of me and him. He was being a feisty little boy!


We took off over to the race course and parked and wandered around for a little bit. It was fun to be at such a small race. I felt like everyone there was friendly and there was some serious people watching going on. I ran for maybe 2 minutes and stretched only my calves. Before races I never stretch and I never warm up. Another bad habit. The race finally seemed ready to start so everyone was lined up. I thought I was near enough the front of the start that I would be able to get out and get a good start. WRONG. For some reason there were some walkers in the front and I had an awful start. I was zigzagging to get around them and get going. I hate the start of the race. I thought to myself, Okay, 23 minutes. You can do this. Oh, by the way, I talk to myself a lot in my head when I run, especially when I race.

I was at a pretty good pace going into the first mile, but I was scared I wasn’t going to be able to keep the pace. I hit the first mile at 7:15, and I thought, hey pretty good. Alright, we can do this. I was chugging along and just kept reeling people in and trying to pass them. There was a turn around and that’s when I realized there were only about six women in front of me, or women who I thought looked like women. Thinking to myself, I figured if I could pass three I would get third. I then, mid-race, made this my new goal. I worked at passing and I could just hear my coach in my head from high school screaming at me, only good things of course. I hit the 2nd mile at 14:24. I never have had a split so perfect without even trying. I was like, okay, I’m on course for a good time here. I was running by a boy who was around 16. I knew I was annoying him too. I would have been annoying myself if I was running next to me. I was so focused and just used him to pace me. I could tell he was thinking, I can’t let this girl pass me.

I passed two of the girls and there was one more older women in front of me out of the women I wanted to pass. Now, I am wearing a long sleeve shirt that is not running related at all, just a green long sleeve. I’m also wearing black leggings from Walmart. This woman was wearing super short racing shorts, a pink sports bra, and racing sunglasses and overpronated like nothing I’ve ever seen before. She was incredibly tan and was just skin and bones. I literally kept thinking that she might break her leg from overpronating, or her hip was going to give out, it was crazy. Then I thought, I can’t let her beat me. So I worked the last mile just on trying to get even with her. With about 400 meters left to go, I was even with her, when her husband, who had already finished, ran back from the finish line and with his long stringy brown hair flowing behind his equally skinny and tanned body with equally short shorts and an awkwardly tight muscle tee, he shouted to her, “Come on! Don’t let that woman beat you!” I though, oh hellllll no you didn’t just say that. I also freaked out kind of because he called me a woman. I’m not a girl anymore?

Anyways, I sprinted in and beat her, and the guy I was pacing myself with the whole time, ha ha! As we finished she said something to me about drinking too much coffee, and how it was suppose to be all natural. Weird. Then I went back in front of the finish and found my cousin finishing, who beat her old 5k time of 30:00 and finished at 29:16. Then we went to look for her boyfriend’s sister who also accomplished a great feat in running the whole race! Then I realized I could get a medal. For me racing is all about the hardware so I was super excited. I found the race results and it had me placing sixth female and first in my age division. Now I know there were not six women in front of me, so I assume I thought some men were women. Awkward, but that’s their problem I guess. So I got a lovely first place finishing medal, blue ribbon and all. My final time was 22:28 and I was 27th overall. Here are some pictures from the race.

The medal
My cousin and I
Our whole little group after our successful day!
The medal legitimately says first. I love it. :)

The expo was pretty fun after, though none of us won a raffle prize, the Laker girls were there. Super cool, not. Other than that a successful day! I kind of wonder what would have happened if I actually trained for something though, like worked my tail off and got really after it with my training. This is also related to my confession that I promised you guys. Well I am becoming slowly obsessed with running a marathon. You’ve all done it to me. I’ve gotten the marathon itch. I can’t stop thinking about it, how I can train for it, everything. I figure, and call me crazy, but I know if I actually trained and had a goal time and everything that I could possibly qualify for Boston, and now I’ve become even more obsessed with that. So I am thinking of doing a marathon in October. The Portland Marathon to be exact. More on this soon when I come to my senses and realize that it’s a horrible idea. :)

So after all that, we still have our gift of the day… For all those male runners in your life… this is great gift!

Running Neckties! (that are super ridiculously tacky!)

First we have one from Revel Sports. They have super fun Running, Biking, and Swimming Ties that are printed on heavyweight 14M silk twill. I don’t know what this “generously cut” means but they are 3.3/4″ wide x 56″ long. They are $31.99 and can be found here.

That was the nice tie, these are more funny running ties.

This is the GO PRE tie. BUT, it looks like PREGO TIE!? Made me laugh. It’s 37.45 and can be found here.


Here’s the Peace, Love, Run Tie, again, random, but kind of cool? Find it for 31.75 here.

Sorry the bottom two pictures are so bad, but they are pretty funny so I advise you to click the link to check them out, even if it’s only for a laugh. Well this week we have more gifts, and more jibber jabber about running and maybe even some more marathon confessions. :)
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