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Ode of Thanks

Running, Running what can I do?
This wouldn’t be thanksgiving without thanking you.
You allow me to make a run for the border,
How I love you chicken quesadilla, I wish you cost a quarter.
You make me feel so great, but sometimes very dirty,
and sometimes I even feel a little bit turdy.
I like the long beach path runs, though they hurt my knees,
Even being in CA, sometimes I freeze.
I love all your fun gadgets, including the hatphones,
but not the morning alarm going off, and hearing myself groan.
I don’t love the sweat, and how you are not always so caring,
but I do love how you helped me regain my bearing (s).
Oh running, you’ve given me a great gift in which I thank you,
I thank you for all the friends I’ve found through my blog too!
Tomorrow I am extra grateful to you my friend
Because I can eat mashed potatoes until I explode. The End.

You can tell it was a slow day for my little brain to process. Tonight Mr. R and I are going up north to spend Thanksgiving with his family. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and all those Turkey Trotters do well (Especially my Cousin Olie who is running in her first race ever, and claims not to be a runner! I love you Olie! Kick Turkey butt!)

I seriously can’t believe I just wrote that. But 26.2 list starts Friday! :) See you then!


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