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Enough Already!

If I have to watch one more commercial with Obama taking stabs at McCain, or vice versa, I might, might just pass out! Seriously. One more commercial with chickens being cooped up in a cage, or yes or no on eight, AGH! I can’t take it anymore. Take down all the signs littering my running pathway, clean up the streets again! I can’t take looking at last names for this position, or vote this for this anymore! I feel like this!


Anyways, with election day tomorrow, there are some sick free deals to be had, and many restaurants are taking advantage of them. Hey, the economy’s down, go big and give away free stuff to win people back. I’m a believer. Keep your coveted, “I voted” sticker all day, and get freebies all day long! Long Live Democracy!

Anyways, for all you java junkies, Starbucks is giving away one tall coffee to anyone who votes. I assume this is when you are wearing the ‘I voted’ sticker. Want to read more, click here.

Anyone else running in the morning? This gives you free reign to celebrate or drown your sorrows in either delicious ice-cream, or donuts, or both!

Krispy Kreme Donuts is giving away a star shaped patriotic sprinkled original flavored donut to everyone with the “I voted” sticker. Looks super tasty! To find your nearest Krispy Kreme go here.

So about the ice cream… Ben and Jerry’s is giving away free scoops in between 5 pm and 8 pm tomorrow night, to ANYONE! Democracy never did taste any sweeter! It’s limited to one per customer, but hey, what a deal! Want some? Find your local B&Js here!

If you live in the Orange County area, feel free to check out all these election deals @ Fast food Maven, for local steals and deals for tomorrow. You’ll be finding me at the Daily Grill for free appetizers!

Also, since were are pretty much covering all fast food today, check out Jack in the Box for the latest installment on Jack Antenna Balls, “Beanie Jack.” The new ball features Jack wearing a multi-colored beanie cap topped with a propeller. Beanie Jack are selling for $1 at participating restaurants. And Jacks lookin‘ out to help! Seventy percent of Beanie Jack sales will go to Big Brothers Big Sisters.


ALSO! The winner for my first ever giveaway of the Marathon Pace Band is KIM from KIMPOSSIBLE!!!!! Hooray!! :) Her PR for a marathon is from the Kentucky Derby Marathon on April 28, 2006 and it was 4:56:43, and she is now working towards a 4:45! :) Hopefully the Marathon Pace Band can help her reach her goal! Congrats Kim! I will be having another contest soon that my involve a SPIBELT from Overton Fitness!! Once I get mine to do a review I’ll also be giving one away… Stay tuned!

Hope everyone’s weekend was great, I struggled through five miles on Saturday, but my cold is subsiding and I am going to run to my polling location tomorrow morning before work. I was on the elliptical last night at the gym watching the football games, and it looks like my fantasy team might surprisingly squeak out a win tonight! Tonight I am going to hit up the gym again with some dreadmill running and weights. I’m really working on toning and firming. As they say in the movie “Knocked-Up”, don’t lose weight, just tighten. :)

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