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A Precious Find….

So this morning I took off on my normal short Friday jog, and about a mile from my house I saw a little gray ball of fur curled up against the wall on the sidewalk with dirt and leaves on top of it. I thought for sure this little kitty was dead, but when I stopped to look down at it, it’s little grey eyes were open. Me, being a complete sucker for things like this, and this cat being completely adorable, I knew I couldn’t leave it there.

Instead of trying to pet it, for fear of it going crazy and attacking me or lunging into the busy street on the other side of me I saw a little crumpled up bag so I poked it to make sure it was still alive. It moved ever so slightly. At this point I think it was trying to play dead. So I reached out my hand and let it sniff it. Then I petted it’s little head. I realized that I would have to walk home with it in my arms. I was scared that the little beast would come out of it’s nap time and claw my face to death, but luckily the walk home, even crossing the busy street wasn’t a big deal at all, and the kitten did fine. I can only imagine what people were thinking that were driving by. What is that girl doing with that baby cat walking on the side of the road.

When I got home, I immediately called my two cousins who have been in the market to find a cute kitten. My cousins just moved into a new place and are my best friends, so I knew they wouldn’t be able to resist and then I also knew the kitty would be going to a good home. I put the kitten in a laundry basket with a towel and gave it some milk, hoping that it would just stay there while I got ready for work and was able to take it over to the vets office by my cousins office. I ran upstairs to start the shower, and ran back to check on her, and she was out of the basket! I found her creeping around under the stairs and decided to lock her in the basket in the downstairs bathroom while I got ready. I had noticed she had some scraped under her chin and had a feeling she had gotten hit by a car, so when she was limping around I also knew she had a problem with her front paw. I would find a cat who had medical problems!

Then once I was ready for work I loaded up the basket and took her over to the vets office where I met up with my cousin. She immediately was in love, and we got her checked out. They told us it was a girl, and she weighed in at a measly 2.3 pounds and was about eight weeks old, just a baby! They also said that her leg was broken and she would have to have a cast put on, and that she had some really bad fleas. So a cast and a flea dip later she will be going home with my cousin tonight! We decided to name her Presh Ollie Streets. She was named Streets for about 10 minutes before we found out she was a girl, but Presh is short for precious. I know, my cousins and I are pretty weird. :) So my morning run was cut short, but I am proud to announce this new little girl into the KooOlie Family!
There was her scrape on her mouth from the road rash. She looks a little fierce, but believe me, she is super laid back.
On our way to the vets office. This is her broken leg :(
So so cute!

So this week, if you are in the mood for a new addition to your family, I would advise you to look at a local shelter or by visiting!


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