The Worst?

I had, as I’m calling it, the worst run of my entire life this weekend. It started out pretty bad, the first mile was just tiring and my joints hurt and my throat was already burning. (Tell tale signs of me getting sick, but still I had to run to get my miles in) After the first time these sore joints and stiffness usually just goes away, unfortunately for me, they never left. All twelve miles were done in a slow, awful manner where I wanted to die. I just wanted to keel over on the side of the beach path and pass out, drink my Purple Tiger Gatorade and never run again. Once I completed my run, though exhausted for the remainder of the day, I felt good that I had completed it, even during all the stomach cramping, shin splinting, knees aching and phlegm building up in the throat. So now, I’m definitely focusing on getting better and being able to run miles effortlessly again.

It’s only when you realize how hard running can be is when you appreciate the talent it takes, to even go out and have the determination and will to complete mile after mile. I appreciate my body being able to take mile after mile of my pounding sidewalk after sidewalk, and it’s when I can barely do that anymore I realize what a feat I continue to do by just running alone.

A great find I picked up this weekend (and have been wanting for a while) is the Conair Infinity Cord-Keeper Professional Ionic Styler.


First off, the pink color is super cute( it looks red, but it’s pink), and the hair dryer features tourmaline ceramic technology that smooths the cuticle layer to create shiny, silky hair. This 1875-watt dryer includes 3 heat and 2 speed settings, separate diffuser and concentrator attachments. Yet my selling point on the dryer was the fact that it has a retractable cord, which is great because when I’m on the go, either in the morning, or from the gym, wrapping up that cord and trying to keep that cord, and the cord from my straightener separated is quite the task. It’s easy to use and I feel like dries my thick hair in no time. They can be found at, but I got mine at Wal-Mart for 29.99. I love it because it’s quick and easy and convenient. What more could you ask for?!

Anyways, more this week, so stay tuned for more fashion deals and steals, running tips and random stories.


PS. Look forward to something exciting happening at Chic Runner soon… what could it be?? :)

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18 Responses to The Worst?

  1. BeachRunner says:

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Running Knitter says:

    Take it easy and feel better soon.

  3. Marcy says:

    Great job on getting it done!! Awesome!

    Oooooo I’ll have to look into that blowdryer. I am so in need of a new one. Mine stinks LOL

  4. Jenn says:

    I have such respect for you runners…the dedication is amazing.

    And, I’m LOVIN the retractable cord. Mine is always in the way.

  5. Julianne says:

    It doesn’t matter how slowly you ran it! You ran 12 miles and you finished it. Great job on the run!!!

  6. *aron* says:

    great job pushing through and finishing!! hope you feel better soon!

  7. joyRuN says:

    Girl, you’re a stronger woman than I! Good job on toughing it out :)

  8. chia says:

    You’re a rockstar for toughing through it. Those days suck mate, hopefully there are many good runs to be had this week ;-).

  9. P.O.M. says:

    Sorry you had a crappy run. Bad runs really help you appreciate the good ones! Sometimes your body does need to rest. Especially if you are increasing your mileage like crazy – up your vitamin C, etc.

    Get better soon!

  10. ECrunnergirl says:

    LOVE THE DRYER! I go through dryers like crazy and Im always looking for something that will dry up MY thick crazy locks in a hurry, cuz I straighten my hair too. And its PINK too?? I may be hitting the Walmart this week :)

    Sorry to hear about the run and the funk. My partner had the same problem last week. I highly recommend some airborne if you feel a cold coming on….I caught a nasty one last spring before my marathon and gulped that stuff. I still got sick but it was not nearly as bad as it could have been considering all the running I was doing.

    Good luck and I look forward to the fashion tips and random stories!

    Get well wishes from the East Coast :)

  11. Laurel says:

    Sounds like we had a similar run this past weekend. LOL!

    Sweet hairdryer! i need a new one.

  12. Julianne says:

    so i’m dying to find out what the “exciting happening” is!!!

    also, here’s the recipe link to the icebox cake!

  13. Tricia says:

    You can also get the shiny silky hair by rinsing your shampoo and conditioner in the coldest water you can stand.

    Think of it as a way to help you wake up?

  14. J says:

    “I had to run to get my miles in” words that say you are a true runner!! : )

    Hope you don’t get sick – take lots of Vitamin C!

  15. N.D. says:

    Whoa.. sometimes you have to just take it in stride and realize you need rest instead of pushing through it feeling like crap! If you aren’t feeling well, go rest! I like the hair dryer! thanks for stopping by my blog!

  16. MizFit says:

    this flathaired stringyheadedwoman WISHES she needed a diffuser :)


  17. The Happy Runner says:

    Hmmm…OK, you ran 12 miles while feeling cruddy. I think I should be able to get in my scheduled 4! I was going to bag it today but I think I won’t — you’ve inspired me to run on.

    Hope you are feeling better!

  18. Lily on the Road says:

    Wow, good for you to run 12 miles feeling that badly, hope you’re feeling better soon!!

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