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So deep…

This weekend lead me to a great run on Saturday! I finished my 10.75 mile run in 1:39:43, and here are my splits for all you number crunchers. They are nothing to be proud of and definitely show my inconsistency, (watching the birds flock around parts of the ocean, passing by cute dogs, running into an old high school teacher, and bathroom breaks to blow my continually runny nose, I have excuses)

mile 1 – 8:54
mile 2 – 9:03
mile 3 – 8:48
mile 4 – 8:39
mile 5 – 8:31
mile 6 – 9:24
mile 7 – 9:45
mile 8 – 8:58
mile 9 – 8:52
mile 10 – 8:19
.75 of a mile – 9:10

I hope to finish the upcoming half marathon in under two hours, but we will see. My running partner and I think that the adrenaline and everything will bring us back to our old high school days of racing and will get us going faster.

This weekend on our run, Nicole and I talked a lot about the enjoyment of a run, and how we both love to be able to fit in our jeans, and eat Taco Bell, but at the same time, our running careers have turned into something that is so much more than just working off the calories.

We used to run to please our coaches, then we ran to stay in shape through the college years and the Freshman 15, and essentially keep up with the Jones’s, but as we talked about on our ten mile jog, we have reached the pinnacle of running. We have begun to enjoy running, and not have the kinks, the pains, the soreness. We have trained our bodies enough to absorb the long runs, and have reached the happy medium where a five mile run isn’t a labor, but a labor of love that is not a task, but a pleasure.

It takes a while to reach this point, let me tell you. Over the past ten years, I have never enjoyed a single run as much as I do know, gulping in the scenery, whatever that might be, swatting away the gnats, and even the sopping sports bra that have come to litter my room throughout the week show that I am doing something healthy, and enjoying it.

I encourage everyone to run, not only for their own health, but because once they get used to the body aches and pains, running becomes a release. Those few steps turn into miles, and the few miles turn into more miles, those miles turning into satisfaction. In two days alone I ran 25 miles, not because I had to, but because I wanted too. I go our for a run and find myself in my own little world, enjoying the surroundings, the people I pass by walking or biking.

I never envisioned myself to be this girl out jogging because I was completely head over heels in love with the pain it caused my body, especially because for the last ten years, running has been apart of my life, whether I liked it or not. I’ve come to realize though that I do love running, I love the sound of my feet hitting the pavement continuously. I love the little walk sign that allows me to cross the street. I love the looks I get from drivers in cars, like they have never seen a girl run before. I love the feeling it gives me when I get home after a hard run and I can barely breathe, but that feeling, that freedom, that is what I run for.

Realize what you run for. Enjoy your run.

PS. Check back on Chic Runner on Thursday. Fun stuff is in the air!

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