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Shirts, Shoes, Sales.. Oh My!

As you noticed, I had Sharnee from redo the site and I just love it. I hope you do too. :)

So it’s almost October which means not only that it’s almost my birthday, but it’s also the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

This cause is very near to my heart as my mom passed away from Breast Cancer two years ago. Every Thursday I’ll be highlighting something that is giving back to raise Breast Cancer Awareness along with my normal Thursday goodie-bites.

A little side note is that this weekend I’m captain of Team Flamingo for the Orange County Race for the Cure in Newport Beach, CA. Looking forward to walking with everyone who is apart of my team. I will be doing the 5k walk, so no running, but I’m excited to raise awareness for the cause. If you would like to make a small donation to show your support for the Komen Foundation on the Team Flamingo Page, you can visit our website here. Team Flamingo

So today I’m highlighting a really great website that is called The Breast Cancer Site. ( This site has so much great stuff supporting the Breast Cancer Cause, and also gives you the option to support other causes. They have a variety of cute and fun stuff on sale right now so I would advise you to check it out. I found this super cute fleece to be such a steal, and great potential to be used on a long winter run, especially for all you runners who reside in the colder areas of the US!

The fleece has an embroidered pink ribbon over the chest to display your support. Choose between black with vibrant raspberry, or gray with pale pink. The jacket is 100% polyester fleece and has a heavy-duty quarter-length zipper. They also have an array of sizes that are 20% off! You can find it on the Breast Cancer Site under Sale Clothing, along with tons of other great sale items.

What to do with old running shoes? If you are like me, you go through shoes quickly, and when you are done with shoes, they still almost look new and are just dying to find a new home. It’s always hard for me to get rid of shoes like this, I feel almost a connection to them and the memories that I had made in them, even if they only lasted me a short three months. I found this great website that donates shoes to international countries that are in need. The organization is called One World Running and you can find them @ The faces of the people receiving the shoes makes me want to send all my shoes immediately.
There are also many other organizations like this and they can be found on this Runners World Site. I really feel that sending my old shoes off would be great, and that my shoes would be getting a new life in another country! I’m even inspired to hold a shoe drive, well that is maybe after my 1/2 Marathon in two weeks. There is really no need for me to have more than two pairs of shoes at a time, and that means I have at least three pairs to get rid of.

Also, Footlocker is having a friends and family sale, and you can too take advantage of the 30% off everything on Just use code LKS1FF89 at the checkout by September 28, 2008.

And finally, I tried the Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal this morning and I was very pleasantly surprised. It’s the little cup in the front in the picture above, and though the oatmeal wasn’t heaped in the cup like the picture, it was a good amount of oatmeal in a very easy, convenient container. The Perfect Oatmeal came with the choice of sides of nuts, dried fruit and brown sugar. I tried the brown sugar in the oatmeal and got the dried fruit as well. All the toppings you add yourself, so I ended up saving the dried fruit to eat a little bit later for a snack since they were in an individually wrapped package. I felt like it was definitely worth the wait in the drive thru line, and filled me up to keep me going until lunch. The Perfect Oatmeal claims to be 100% whole grain and the oatmeal itself has 140 calories, while the brown sugar topping has 50 calories, and the dried fruit and nuts have 100 calories each. Quite a nice little breakfast on the go.

Enjoy the weekend, and everyone who is racing good luck! I’ll be with you in two weeks. :)


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