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Are those freckles?

The other day I set out to run my allottedfive and a half miles, got about halfway done when my Nike+ passed away, bummer, I know. RIP, but alas, I moved on since I knew the route and how far I had left.

It was dusk and the run was amazing. I felt good, pushed the last two miles pretty hard and when I got home I grabbed my normal glass of crushed ice and water and thought about taking a shower.
I got involved in watching “The Dog Whisperer,” (I know, I’m embarrassed to even admit that) but it was a good episode! So then about twenty minutes later I trudged upstairs and looked at myself in the mirror. There were little black dots all over my face. At least 17. I thought, “When did I run through mud? What are these dots?”
A closer look showed that my face had become a GNAT GRAVEYARD.
They dotted my face and had gotten stuck in my sweat. Talk about taking a shower.
Other than that I purchased a new Nike+ and it works great! I also tried the a new powerbar gu flavor, Chocolate. That was disgusting, so I wouldn’t recommend it.
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