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A Calibration gone awry…

So without my Nike+, tracking my miles is pretty much the hardest thing to do ever in my car. There are too many u-turns, neighborhood and park runs, it just ends up with me going in circles, and being a bad driver. Since getting my Nike+ last December for Christmas my life has changed, in a good way. The first one I have started randomly prematurely end runs which made me exchange my first one for a new one, which is the one I have now. Since getting the new one I have always told myself I will calibrate it to match my running speed and steps. I thought this simple task would help me be more precise about my workouts.


It began with my running friend and I going to a local track and jogging a 400 and walking a 400 to calibrate the Nike+. Hers now works perfectly, which is funny because hers was the one with problems before, and now mine is the one that is having difficulty. Normally when I run and press the center button the voice says somewhere between a 7 and 9 minute range, and I know that was pretty close to accurate. The day after our calibration I went out and went for a hard five mile run. I was running my little butt off, sweating, (which I know only happens when I run sub 8.) When I got about three miles out and pressed the center button. It said 2 miles and a pace of 11:40. I couldn’t believe it. I think I stopped and gasped. Not because I was tired but it was like my friend was lying to me. I was running at least 8 minute mile pace. I knew everything was internally messed up in my Nike+ because of the calibration. So I went to the site to figure out how to reset it. By the way, the site is a little weird, I don’t really know what is going on over there, or if I am just dumb, but I couldn’t figure much out from it. I tried to reset it, and to no avail it is still off by a good minute. This is frustrating, because I can run a seven minute mile and it will still tell me 9 minutes. I just want some encouragement here people!

I love, love, love this gadget and only want it to return to it’s normal wonderful truthful self. The other day I was running on the treadmill, which is annoying in itself, and the treadmill told me I ran 3.5 miles, while the plus was a good 1.8 miles off. I have read about the Nike+’s being a little bit different, but more than a mile?! Come on Nike! What happened to my little red and white baby?!

Other than that a very productive weekend. In three days I ran 25 miles, and even ran the Nike+ Human Race. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand the website ( again, not my fault :) and how to sign up and that it was actually a real race. I know, don’t ask, I’m already embarrassed enough, so I ran it by myself down at the beach. My first 3.5 miles were going really well, and I was running decently hard, then the turn around which always give me an extra boost. Unfortunately not this time, and I definitely wasn’t prepared for the wind in my face which slowed me down tremendously. As all the people lined Bolsa Chica beach, and I ran by they probably asked themselves why I was running so slow. Bummer, but still finished in an hour, and that was after running ten miles the day before

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