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Manners, Please!

After my last post of the lance being run over I have been working incredibly hard to make sure that I am always seen by drivers. Thus leads to my point of being a polite runner, even when it’s sometimes difficult. We all know that drivers may be a little careless sometimes. Even I catch myself doing it, and I vow to work harder, because I’ve been that girl thinking, Okay, I’m here, let me cross without clipping my backside.

Yesterday I was jogging about the streets of Orange County, and of course some cars speed by me making an unprotected left or right hand turn while I was crossing the street, but I did notice as I was crossing in front of many different entrances to housing tracks that cars would stop and give me the right away. Yes, I know this is suppose to happen, since pedestrians have the right away, but it isn’t always what does actually happen. Upon this nice gesture, I would always mouth thank you and give a little wave to the waiting car. I feel like this shocked people in a good way. Therefore once I smiled and gave a little wave, whaalaaa, a smile appeared on their face and a little head nod followed. Drivers seemed to like my gesture.

This small gesture of kindness didn’t tire me on my run, and I didn’t necessarily have to go out of my way, but it seemed to make a big difference in the drivers attitude, even if they did have to wait a little bit longer for me to cross. I mean, I’ve seen it where I am waiting for a runner, and they act like they don’t care. I guess this is an option, but why be mean when you can be nice. So take a little bit of extra time and give the friendly wave next time you see a driver tapping their fingers on the steering wheel while waiting for you to cross.


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