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I’ve decided to start this blog to help make running a little bit more fashionable. With all the great gear out there, why not give the people you run by a little something to stare at. Also there will be some training tips, journalesque type entries and female running news and facts.

A little bit about the Chic Runner.

I hail from the great concrete jungle of Orange County. Okay so it’s not all bad, especially the long beach runs I can put in and of course the shopping. :) In La Palma, the city where I live, You can pretty much run the entire city in 10 minutes. Okay, exaggeration, but it’s pretty small, and all the trails, you guessed it. Sidewalks. I love my Nike Pegasus shoes, and Nike+ has saved my life. I love running though, and put my two loves together and whalaaa the Chic Runner appears. I ran cross country and track in high school and played soccer to keep me in shape over the off seasons. Recently a college graduate, thanks Dad, I finally found my niche in the advertising industry and hope for immense growth with the company I am currently at because I love it here. Currently, I’m training for a 1/2 marathon, my first, in October. Well see how that one turns out.

What I love.

Chicken dishes, casseroles and yes, the dreaded and oh-so-fattening cheddar cheese. I am a meatatarian. I love bad reality tv and reading. I love crisp air, red apples, and traveling. Nordstrom and Anthropologie are clutch for every type of outfit. I absolutely love my job. Cupcakes are fattening, and delicious. Starbucks puts a huge grin on my face. I also love finding sales, fashion, design, and receiving and sending text messages. Running in the rain or by the beach is pretty much my favorite type of run.

What I loathe.

Running through unexpected spiderwebs or a swarm of gnats and you think to yourself, wait, did I really just swallow that bug? Saying good bye to a pair of running shoes makes me sad. Scary dogs that look like they might jump over the wall and attack me are not good. People staring at me when I run like the honking and whistling. (seriously boys, grow up.) I also don’t like calories, but at the same time, it doesn’t stop me from enjoying all that life has to offer. :)

So join the journey. Lace up and see what the Chic Runner will run to next.


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